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Feeling the chill? Our plants are sleeping for the winter and that’s why it is the perfect time to add them to your pond. Bed them in, get them settled and they’ll have a head start in Spring so you’ll have a beautiful display next summer. Shop now!

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We pride ourselves on being experts in pond plants for everything from tub gardens, garden ponds, wildlife and community ponds to lakes. We can help you whether you are planting to encourage wildlife, to create a delightful garden pond or a sophisticated water garden feature, or even to control the dreaded blanket weed. We’re always happy to help, so if you have a question get in touch, and check out our blogs and news below for the latest advice, hints and tips for growing pond plants for any water gardening project.

Lets talk about your pond in winter

We get a lot of questions at this time of the year about what happens to pond plants as the weather gets colder. So we thought we'd talk a little about your pond in winter. Although most UK pond plants are fully hardy, they are also mostly deciduous, so their top...

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As featured on Gardener’s World

We were thrilled to watch Monty Don taking such good care of our little Candida lily on Thursday 12th July's Gardener's World. A couple of weeks ago the phone rang. I was busy watering (unsurprisingly!) and nearly couldn't reach it in my pocket.  I'm very glad I did...

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Winter, when plants are dormant, is a good time to add plants to your pond, giving them a head start in the spring. So get shopping now! Dismiss