Plants for special places and purposes

Marginal plants that tolerate partial shade

Marginal plants that tolerate moving water


Water lilies that tolerate shade (minimum of 3 hours of sunshine per day)


Native Varieties


Plants good for filtration


Acorus calamus

Acorus calamus variegatus

Caltha polypetela

Cyperus eragrostis

Cyperus involucratus

Cyperus longus

**Suitable for large filter beds only!!  These plants are very invasive

**Phragmites australis and **typha latifolia




Eriophorum angustifolium

Glyceria spectabilis

Hippurus vulgaris

Iris pseudacorus

Iris pseudacorus variegatus

Louisiana irises






Lysimachia thyrsiflora

Lythrum salicara

Mentha aquaticum

Myosotis palustris

Oenanthe javinica ‘Flamingo’

Ranunculus lingua grandiflora

Veronica beccabunga



Plants good for bees and other polinators


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