Caltha palustris Alba


Compact small marsh marigold with pure white flowers.

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Very compact, low-growing little marigold with pretty white flowers. Often flowers repeatedly throughout the season. Best grown at or just above water level.

Top tip: Can be grown in a solid container with the top just at the waterline on the marginal shelf.

Flowers: May/ June and may have a second flowering later in the Summer

Height: 5-15cm

Propagation: Division of plants

Depth of water over the soil: 0-10cm

Planting: Plant directly into damp soil.  On a shelf in the pond, can be planted into 5lt solid pot with rim just above waterline.  Use heavy garden loam or Westland Aquatic Soil.

Winter, when plants are dormant, is a good time to add plants to your pond, giving them a head start in the spring. So get shopping now! Dismiss