Caltha palustris polypetela


Greater Marsh Marigold

Mass of lush serrated dark green leaves with large yellow flowers. Almost evergreen. Has a long flowering period. Flowers Apr/July

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This kingcup, largest of the marsh marigolds, forms a mound of large leaves covered with big butter-yellow flowers, and can provide a sculptural focus for larger ponds.

Top tip: Basically evergreen, with large foliage that is useful for masking the pond edges.

Height: 30-40cm

Propagation: Can be grown from seed, from rooted offsets from last year’s flower stems, or divided in the Spring and early Summer.

Depth of water is from soil surface to water surface not including top dressing – planting depth 5-20cm

Planting: Plant into 5lt or 10lt planting crate using heavy garden loam or Westland Aquatic Soil