Ceratophyllum demersum



The best native oxygenator.


We think that hornwort is the best of our native oxygenators.  Provides shelter and nursery for invertebrates, baby fish and amphibians.  Grows in long, brittle strands with darker greeny brown foliage at the base transforming to a brighter green as the strand grows towards the surface.  Longer, brittle strands readily break up to disperse by vegetative division. Non-invasive and dies back in the autumn.

Top tip:- Budlets sink to the bottom of the pond and remain dormant until late spring/early summer. Newly introduced bits of plant will float for while before sinking.

Planting depth  30cm – 1.5m.  No need to weight or plant, simply drop bits into the water around the pond. Strands will float on the surface for a day or two, but will soon sink below the surface.

Sold in portions.  Handling soon breaks up longer strands into smaller pieces so, in order to minimise handling, we don’t bunch this plant.  Sufficient in one portion for the recommended stocking rate of three bunches per m² in your pond.