Menyanthes trifoliata


 bee Bog Bean

Olive green foliage with very pretty delicate, lacey, star-shaped white flowers tipped with pink.

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Fabulous native plant with large, attractive 3-lobed leaves and delightful, sadly short-lived, spears of pink buds that open to delicate white flowers.   Stems trail just under the water making this a useful plant for surface cover. A must for any pond!

Top tip:  Much visited by bees, moths and hoverflys.  Attractive food plant for elephant hawk moth caterpillars.

Flowers: April-June

Height: 10-25cm

Propagation: Shoots readily drop roots into water or wet soil and can be divided and planted by sticking the rooted ection into the soil.

Depth of water over the soil: 05-25cm

Planting: Plant into 5lt planting crate using heavy garden loam or Westland Aquatic soil.