Mimulus ringens


bee  Monkey flower

Very pretty tiny pale lilac flowers produced on shrubby, tall stems.


Featured in the well-known pre-Raphaelite painting by John Byam-Shaw called “The Boer War”.  Becomes quite shrubby, with mid-green foliage dotted all over with small, delicate, lilac flowers.

Top tip: Can be grown in full sun or dappled shade and is much loved by hoverflys, butterflies and moths.

Flowers: July-August

Height: 20-50cm

Propagation: Propagation by division which is best done in spring when the plant produces young offset plants at its base.   .

Depth of water over the soil: 0-5cm

Planting: Plant into 5lt planting crate using heavy garden loam or Westland Aquatic soil.