Phragmites australis


Norfolk reed or common reed

With tall, golden stems, this great architectural plant grows vigorously and must be contained and well managed in a domestic setting.


Phragmites australis has large, feathery flower spikes that can be seen blowing in the breeze from late summer onward, beginning as dark purple and slowly fading beige/brown.

Top tip: Often used in water filtration reed beds so if grown just in pea gravel in a 10ltr planting basket, it can be really useful in combating green water and blanket weed..

Flowers: June/July

Height: 100+cm

Propagation: Forms a mat of tangled roots that are difficult to separate, but can provide rooted offsets.

Depth of water over the crate: 0-40cm

Planting: Plant into 10lt planting crate using pea gravel.