Isolepsis (Scirpus) cernuus


Fiber optic grass

Small, delicate rush, each stem tipped with silver-white flower heads.


Sometimes called the fibre-optic plant.  When in flower looks like every stem is tipped with light.  Very pretty ground cover.

Top tip: Evergreen in a very mild winter but hard frosts will kill off the foliage.  Readily grows back in the Spring.

Flowers: Tiny white flowers tip each stem June-August.    Height: 15-20cm

Propagation: Divide in Spring.

Depth of water over the soil: Permanently wet soil to-5cm water over the soil. If topped with pea gravel, calculate depth to soil surface below the top dressing.

Planting: Plant into 5lt planting crate using heavy garden loam or Westland Aquatic Soil