Thalia dealbata


  Hardy canna

The large, elegant, sage green leaves  and the tall spears of soft blue flowers.


Strikingly unusual plant, with large sage-green leaves and tall flower stems topped with spears of blue flowers much frequented by butterflies, moths and other pollinators.  Excellent sculptural plant with a jungly, tropical feel. In a 10lt planting basket it will remain quite compact. Makes a wonderful, evergreen plant in a conservatory. Specimen plants do well in a frost-proof tub on the patio.

Top tip: In lakes and large, soil-based situations where it has room to reach its full stature, will grow up to 3m in height and spread.

Flowers: August-September

Height: 75-100cm

Propagation: By divisions taken after the last frost in Spring.  Can also be grown from seed (please enquire if you want to try growing from seed).

Ideal depth of water over the soil: 10-25cm.

Planting: Plant each plant into a 10lt planting basket using heavy garden loam or Westland Aquatic Soil.